Compounding Pharmacy Services

Personalized Medication Compounding

At Springwater Pharmacy our unique training, specialty equipment, and personalized service allows us to go above and beyond what traditional pharmacies can provide. We are the premier compounding pharmacy in Barrie and surrounding areas. If you or your family requires compounded medication in Barrie come in and talk to us, and allow us to work with your health care team on your behalf to make a meaningful difference in your health.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of working with your health care team to create unique medication solutions. It is also the practice that the profession of pharmacy was founded on. Every person is different, and everyone experiences illness in a different way. Sometimes the “one size fits all” approach of mass produced medicine doesn’t work for your unique needs, and this is an opportunity for us to find a better way.

Unique PCCA Products

All of our specialty products require consultation with our pharmacists to determine if they are right for you, so talk to us! We are here to help, and can work with you and your health care team to meet your needs.


XemaTop is a new compounding base created for formulations targeting patients with psoriasis, eczema (atopic dermatitis) and xerosis (dry skin). It uses the power and synergy of natural boswellic acid, avenanthramides from oats, phosphatidylglycerol and elegant film formers to deliver and improve the action of common medications used in these conditions.

XemaTop quickly nourishes and replenishes the lamellar bilayers of the skin and helps restore health into the skin’s barrier to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation and to prevent water loss.


• Replenishes the lipids within the skin

• Nourishes the skin’s structural integrity

• Improves the appearance of red and irritated skin

• Can be used with or without active ingredients


• Eczema (atopic dermatitis)

• Psoriasis

• Xerosis (dry skin)

Mucolox is an adaptable base that allows us to deliver medications in an extremely focused manner. Dental procedures, cancer treatment, autoimmune disorders and other conditions can cause incredibly painful mouth ulcers, and even keep you from eating and drinking. Mucolox is designed to hold medications against mucosal tissue, like that in your mouth, without washing away. On its own it is an excellent treatment for dry mouth. And it works just as well on any mucosal surface, for administration nasally, vaginally or rectally.

PracaSil is a silicone based delivery system that is excellent for treating wounds and scar tissue. On its own it can reverse and diminish the appearance of scars, similar to other silicone therapies. What makes it unique is that it can also deliver medications if we are treating a wound or other skin condition, and we can customize this to exactly what your skin needs. It is appropriate for new or old scars from surgeries, acne, stretch marks, burns or diabetic wounds. It promotes a healing, soothing and nurturing environment, and is rich in skin-friendly fatty acids and lipids. Best of all it is formulated without gluten, casein, dye and parabens, making it extremely hypoallergenic and appropriate for many individuals.

Clarifying Base is specialized for the face and is used in formulations targeting acne and rosacea. It contains natural ingredients, and may improve red, blotchy skin. The product contains a unique avocado extract which nourishes skin and decreases oil formation, while reducing the chance of irritation that is often seen with other acne medications. All while helping to deliver medicine appropriate for these conditions, in such a way that we can often use less active ingredients to achieve the same effect. This can mean less irritation than conventional products, and in many cases better results. It can also be used in anti-aging formulations for patients with acne-prone skin.

These are only some of the situations or conditions where personalized medication compounding can make a big difference. If you would like more information please come in to speak with us. We are always ready to help.

• Insomnia

• Psoriasis

• Eczema

• Pregnancy and Post-partum care

• Skin allergies, bug bites, poison ivy/oak

• Hemorrhoids

• Low thyroid

• Fibromyalgia or Allodynia

• Menopause and Andropause

• Migraine